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Inspiration for Life

Spiracle Technology is your trusted source for life-saving emergency oxygen solutions. Our innovative, high-quality emergency oxygen equipment delivers rapid and effective oxygen administration, empowering first responders to save lives.
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Our Specialty

Introducing Spiracle Technology’s Gas Supply Valves - the perfect solution for 100% source gas in medical applications! Designed as versatile components, they seamlessly integrate into medical device assemblies, from CO2 flush devices to ventilators. With a proven design, rapid response times, and adjustable flow range, our Gas Supply Valves enhance your medical devices. Discover their potential today! 

Our Products

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Oxygen Administration
Pulmonary Resuscitation

Our collection of products for pulmonary resuscitation includes high-quality items such as gas supply valves, Bag Valve Mask (BVM) resuscitators, oxygen masks, CPR masks, and portable kits with all the essentials.


Our oxygen administration equipment includes oxygen regulators, cylinders, flow control devices, and more! They're all designed to ensure precise and efficient oxygen delivery. We also make products specifically tailored for mass casualty situations! 

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Airway Management

Our comprehensive airway management products include a wide range of essential supplies including intubation equipment, suction units, blood pressure cuffs, and fingertip pulse oximeters. These products are designed to ensure effective airway management, from establishing secure airways to monitoring vital signs during critical situations.

About Us

About Us

With decades of experience, Spiracle Technology is a pioneer in providing top-of-the-line emergency oxygen equipment. Our commitment to innovation and expertise has enabled us to develop cutting-edge solutions that save lives in critical situations. Trust us for reliable, industry-leading products that empower healthcare professionals and first responders in their life-saving efforts.

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