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Individual Laryngoscope Blades & Handles

Individual Laryngoscope Blades & Handles

- Stainless steel (SS) fiber-optic blades

- Blades autoclaveable

- Blades and handle are ISO Green System compatible

- Spare bulb (size C batteries not included)


Available Blade Sizes and Part #s:

MacIntosh 0: T22427-0

MacIntosh 1 T22427-1

MacIntosh 2 T22427-2

MacIntosh 3 T22427-3 Overall Length 126mm, Inside Length 101mm

MacIntosh 4 T22427-4 Overall Length 160mm, Inside Length 135mm

Miller 0 T22428-0

Miller 1 T22428-1

Miller 2 T22428-2

Miller 3 T22428-3


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