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EE-Lite Carbon Fiber Oxygen Cylinder 

EE-Lite Carbon Fiber Oxygen Cylinder

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"EE"-Lite Carbon Fiber Oxygen Cylinders are fully wrapped, carbon fiber reinforced, aluminum lined vessels.

  • Construction consists of a seamless 6061-T6 alloy aluminum liner fully overwrapped with epoxy impregnated polyacrylonitrile, PAN-based carbon fibers. Manufactured using the highest grade aerospace materials.
  • Carries Department of Transportation (DOT) regulatory approvals, including design and qualification certifications.  

Model 210 "EE"-Lite Carbon Fiber Oxygen Cylinder with CGA 870 Post Valve with On/Off Toggle

P/N T10210

Model 211 "EE"-Lite Carbon Fiber Oxygen Cylinder with CGA 540 Post Valve 

P/N T10211


  • More Oxygen: The "EE"-Lite holds 1,377 liters of oxygen, two times the
    amount of oxygen in an aluminum "E" size cylinder.
  • Less Weight: A significant reduction in the weight of these carbon fiber vessels means you can carry more oxygen to remote locations, on board helicopters, up flights of stairs and in your ambulance.
  • Extend Oxygen Administration: Reduce the chances of running out of life-saving oxygen when administering oxygen during extended transport times and high flow use during resuscitation.
  • Multiple Applications: Ideal for search and rescue operations, mounting on a Ferno 35A+ and 93EX Squadmate, aeromedical transport, transport incubators, ventilators and even EMS bicycle fleets.
  • There are no changes in the way you currently care for and/or handle an oxygen vessel. Care for the fiber oxygen vessel just as you do your existing cylinders.
  • Safety: Structural analysis design/qualification certifications. Vessels underwent hydrostatic burst tests, ambient/environmental/thermal cycling test, drop test, gunfire (ballistic) and bonfire tests. 

Service Pressure: 2216 psi (153 bar) max

Volumetric Capacity: 523 in.3 (8.57 liters)

Outer Diameter:  6.63 in. (168 mm)       Length: 20.42 in. (515 mm)       Weight: 7.3 lbs. (3.31 Kg.)

Oxygen Capacity:  @ 2216 psi: 1,387 liters

Materials: Seamless 6061-T6 alloy aluminum liner. Epoxy impregnated polyacrylonitrile, PAN-based carbon fiber overwrap.

Valve Port:  .750 - 16 UNF

Regulatory Approvals: U.S. Department of Transportation-CFFC : DOT E11194